We are here to inspire and help you towards your perfect minimalist wardrobe.

Imagine that every piece of clothing you own has a real purpose. You no longer own anything else than your absolute favorites. There’s no need to stress about what to wear and no urge to blow your paycheck on shopping. You have your own personal and timeless style. Every single thing you wear — from your socks to your scarf — is something you love.

This is what a a minimalist wardrobe is all about. By decluttering and optimizing everything, you’ll feel so much more lighter. It is possible to achieve the perfect wardrobe.

However, a perfect wardrobe is very personal. Obviously there isn’t a one size fits all here. This is why we’ve decided use multiple viewpoints and sources of inspiration, to help you reach your perfect end result. We have several talented bloggers writing for us. What they have in common is their shared love and passion for a minimalist wardrobe. Otherwise they are unique individuals, with their unique opinions and preferences — just like you.

Our key values are simplicity, ethicality, sustainability and of course minimalism, which basically covers all those. We believe that going the minimalist route with your wardrobe will not only help the planet, but improve your well-being by a surprising amount.

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